Date: Wed, 9 Apr 1997 09:33:30 -0000 From: Dazaifu Subject: Fw: Not exactly double modals "Used to could" is common in my (New Orleans area) dialect, although I DON'T use double modals. Of course, now that I don't live in Louisiana any more, I have had to start saying "used to be able to" :( Another aspect of New Orleans dialect is the following. Do any other areas have this, too? "been _______ing" Ex. 'Is that a new shirt?' 'No, I ('ve) been having this shirt.' (with stress on the 'been') Ex. 'I've been knowing him all my life.' (instead of 'have known') I'm curious about this last form because I have never met anyone outside of Louisiana who has even heard of it before. Thanks, Tara Sanchez dzfhs-02[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]