Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 17:52:28 -0400 From: "Dennis R. Preston" Subject: Re: used to could What can you say besides 'used to could'? Can't nobody I know say 'Used to be able to' (less they funnin or, as Greg suggests, from the Deep North). DInIs >I used to could use this form when I lived in the South (Mississippi, >Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, and even in Li'l Dixie in Missouri). I can't >use it 'free and easy' in Chicago, although there are some contexts on the >southside and the westside where I've heard it used, generally by AAVE >speakers. > > >Greg Pulliam >gpulliam[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] >Illinois Institute of Technology >Chicago Dennis R. Preston Department of Linguistics and Languages Michigan State University East Lansing MI 48824-1027 USA preston[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Office: (517)432-1235 Fax: (517)432-2736