End of ADS-L Digest - 1 Apr 1997 to 2 Apr 1997 ********************************************** Subject: ADS-L Digest - 2 Apr 1997 to 3 Apr 1997 There are 14 messages totalling 392 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. Melting Pot (2) 2. "Color Line" (part one--1874/75 NY Herald) 3. for to 4. Old News? 5. "for to" 6. Comput-TV 7. 8. For-To again 9. linguist Ebonics archive (2) 10. For to... 11. for-to (2) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 3 Apr 1997 02:19:30 -0500 From: "Barry A. Popik" Subject: Melting Pot There was a huge lineup outside of where I worked at Chambers Street in Manhattan the other week. The marriage bureau was next door; I joked to colleagues that I got on the wrong lunch line and got married by mistake. "I just ordered rice, and look what happened!" Which brings us to "melting pot." The Miner/Rawson American Heritage Dictionary of American Quotations has, on pg. 21, quote 3, the familiar passage from Israel Zangwill's THE MELTING POT: America is God's crucible, the great melting pot, where all the races of Europe are melting and re-forming...Germans and Frenchmen, Irishmen and Englishmen, Jews and Russians--into the crucible with you all! God is making the American! Zangwill did not invent this. See the cartoon in Puck, Vol. XXV, no. 693, 3 July 1889 (I forgot the page). The caption is: THE MORTAR OF ASSIMILATION--AND THE ONE ELEMENT THAT WON'T MIX. The mortar bears the word "CITIZENSHIP." An anarchist leaps out with a bloody knife. Miss America/Miss Liberty is stirring the mortar with a spoon that reads "EQUAL RIGHTS." The Mortar of Assimilation pre-dates The Melting Pot by about twenty years. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------ "For To" in "Oh, Susanna!" I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee And I'm goin' to Louisiana, my true love for to see Oh, Susanna! Now don't you cry for me.... O. K. I'll cry for Madonna.