Date: Wed, 2 Apr 1997 22:07:36 -0100 From: Mike FOX-ecki Subject: Re: Cyber slang Hi! I'm sorry to tell you that I have nothing so far for the topic but the fact is that I'm in need too. I'm attempting to gather materials for my thesis (Interdisciplinary study of the Language of the Internet on the basis of the selected services) in which I would like to concentrate mainly on the structure of the language on IRC (morphology, syntax, and pragmatics perhaps). There are no materials available here where I live (Poland) for the topic is completely new (to tell you the truth, it seems nobody has ever done that !) so I'm hoping to get all the data and bibliography over the internet. I've invested my whole savings into it and I must tell you that here in Poland communication is very expensive (esp. for a part time working student like me). Anyway, should I find anyting on your topic I will let you know for I'll surely be browsing through the pages which are quite similar to that topic of yours. All the same, I'd like to ask you to post my call to anybody who might know anything about this and I will do the same. Any results will be posted at my home page which presently is under construction but do visit it some time later. You surely know the Jargon File, but I am putting the url here just in case . This is the HTML version but you can also get it in TXT. You could also take a look at . I don't know if it's relevant to you. There's also a nice list of conferences and seminars. Who knows one of those could be for you :) I think there's a wealth of information on your topic. I'm sure you'll find something if you do a simple search on the Yahoo or Altavista. Wishing you (and myself) good luck with the search PS: Should you like to know more mail me. tafn mike -- ======================================================____ ___ _ _ Mike FOX-ecki //__ // // \\// tel. no (048)(32) 1703278 // // // /\\ HomePage // //__// // \\