Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 10:47:45 -0500 From: "by way of BETH LEE SIMON " Subject: last call for abstracts: n/mla forum on deixis Last call to submit an abstract or proposal to participate CALL FOR ABSTRACTS/PROPOSALS STUDIES IN DEIXIS: WORKING THE MARGINS OF PRAGMATICS AND SEMANTICS for the Midwest Modern Language Association Meeting, Chicago, November 6-8, 1997, Ramada Congress Hotel Abstracts are being accepted for "Studies in Deixis: Working the Margins of Pragmatics and Semantics." The multidimensionality of deixis, a linguistic phenomenon at the heart of communication, remains one of the most intriguing aspects of human language. It is impossible to imagine communication that functions without deixis. Deictic elements such as pronouns, demonstrative adjectives, and spatial or temporal adverbs, express a user-centered perspective on time, place and person relationships in the social context of an utterance; simultaneously, they denote formal grammatical functions within an utterance. The aim of the forum is to bring together scholars working on different aspects of deixis--from formal linguistics to stylistics--to discuss the activity that occurs at the intersection of language and reality/structure and function. Publication of the proceedings is planned. Abstracts/proposals should be a maximum of 150 words in length and must be received by Friday, April 4, 1997. Send abstracts (e-mail or fax preferred) to: Beth Lee Simon Dept. of English and Linguistics Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne, IN 46805 simon[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] fax: 219-481-6985 and/or Anna Fellegy, Department of English, 207 Lind Hall, #185, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN 55455 felle001[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]