Date: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 11:21:06 EDT From: "Steven K. Brehe" Subject: Re: 86 I believe 86 was discussed pretty thoroughly on this list several months ago. > > >This is an old one, but a number none the less: if a person is 86'd from > > >a bar, they are thrown out. No one I ever asked knew why this was so. > > >Marla > > Benjamin Barrett > > As I recall, when a patron has had a little too much to drink, the > bartender keeps up the sales while lowering the affect by watering > down the drinks. What was represented as being 100 proof is reduced > to 86. At least that's how the expression was explained to me in Los > Angeles a decade or so ago. > > Tom Uharriet Steven Brehe sbrehe[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]