Date: Mon, 29 Apr 1996 10:12:33 -0400 From: "Dale F.Coye" Subject: Re: epenthetic /l/ and notation woes 2 points: Holmes is definitely L-less for me, and I believe in the UK as well. Historically it should be L-less as should Stockholm, calm, balm, alms, etc (see Dobson v.2. sect. 425 and my article in AS 69) but there has been some back and forth with words like falcon, vault, cauldron, and recently, calm, et al. Second- I tried to follow David Johns discussion about Florida speech but couldn't decipher the notation. I'm not sure what [O] symbolizes. The usual cardinal vowel or American low-back-round? And this statement there are clear minimal pairs like BAUD [bad]: BALD [bOd] confused me as well. Is there some established convention that translates IPA into our ordinary keyboard symbols and if there isn't, could I propose that the powers-that-be for the ADS establish one so we don't always have to say -- the vowel in boat, or "short u".