End of ADS-L Digest - 23 Apr 1996 to 24 Apr 1996 ************************************************ There are 8 messages totalling 264 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. Epenthetic [l] in _home_ (4) 2. Mike Linn in Search of Addresses 3. Hysterical? (2) 4. Technical job at Georgia ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 25 Apr 1996 08:20:23 -0400 From: Wayne Glowka Subject: Re: Epenthetic [l] in _home_ Last night I was reading a student paper. Instead of "hooves" (a possible plural of "hoof"), the student wrote "hulves." I do not know where he comes from. Wayne Glowka Professor of English Director of Research and Graduate Student Services Georgia College Milledgeville, GA 31061 912-453-4222 wglowka[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]mail.gac.peachnet.edu