Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 16:47:58 -0400 From: Allan Metcalf Subject: Writers wanted: American National Biography The following is a legitimate notice from the offices of the American Council of Learned Societies (to which ADS belongs). - Allan Metcalf ----------------------------------------------- OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS IS IN NEED OF AUTHORS TO PROVIDE BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES ON FAMOUS AMERICANS FOR THE _AMERICAN NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY_ The _American National Biography_, which is to be published by Oxford in 1998 in conjunction with the American Council of Learned Societies, will be a twenty-volume reference set comprising more than 19,000 articles on historical figures from all fields. We have been commissioning articles since 1990, and most of the articles (particularly major figures) have already been assigned. However, there are important figures in every area that remain without authors and it is our intention to locate writers for these remaining subjects. Historical figures from as far back as the earliest European explorations of North America up to the very recent past will be included. Those whose contributions to American culture and history that have often been neglected in the past will have a strong presence in the ANB. Along with the most famous politicians, military leaders, writers, and ministers, people from all walks of life will be illuminated in the ANB's pages: social reformers and filibusters, geologists and fundamentalists, phrenologists and psychiatrists, classicists and jazz musicians, baseball players and bankers, among other categories of occupation, notoriety, and renown. Memorializing their lives will reveal the country's ongoing diversity, its essential pluralism. The subjects of articles have been selected by the general editor, John A. Garraty (Gouverneur Morris Professor Emeritus of History, Columbia University) and his immediate staff; a group of associate editors, some 193 eminent scholars and nonacademic experts located around the country and abroad; various other scholars who have taken a keen interest in the project; and, with the advice of both associate editors and contributors, the four project editors in the Cary, North Carolina, office of Oxford University Press. Most articles average 1000 words in length (exclusive of the bibliography), at $50.00 per essay (a result of funding from grants obtained by the ACLS in the late 1980s). Our scheduled publication date is late 1998, but we must have essays in our office much earlier for editing purposes. Because we deal with so many contributors (over 10,000), we ask them to establish their own due dates depending on the number of essays they wish to contribute and their schedules. (For 1st time contributors, the first essay must arrive within three to four months so it can be evaluated prior to making additional assignments final.) A sample manuscript is attached to this announcement to give you a better idea of the style, format, and content of ANB articles. When manuscripts are submitted, they are sent to appropriate associate editors for review. They then are passed along to Professor Garraty's office at Columbia, where they are approved or returned to authors for revision. The approved manuscripts go back to Oxford University Press in Cary to be factchecked and copyedited under the supervision of the project's copy chief and two assistants. Authors see the copyedited versions of their manuscripts and give their approval or request changes. After copyedited manuscripts are returned to the Cary office, they are put in final shape for typesetting. Because the project has been ongoing for nearly six years, we have, for the most part, already approached the obvious senior scholars for the areas being covered. Thus, in our attempts to broaden the network of ANB authors, WE WELCOME SUGGESTIONS OF AND VOLUNTEERS FROM JUNIOR FACULTY, POST DOCTORATES, AND PHD CANDIDATES who are seeking to publish in a scholarly work like the ANB. Lists of currently unassigned subjects are available in the following categories: Precolonial and Colonial History Politics, the Military and Diplomacy (separate lists by era: 1763-1815, 1815-1850, 1850-1878, 1878-1914, 1914-1945, 1945-1995), Religion, Education, Business, Law, Medicine, Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Social Reform, Literature, Art, Architecture, and Applied Arts, Performing Arts, Sports, and Miscellaneous Persons To obtain a copy of one or more of these lists, please email or write to: Available Subjects American National Biography 2001 Evans Road Cary, NC 27513 Internet Inquiries to: anb[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Please include your name and mailing address (email and regular mail) and a brief summary of your writing/research experience.