Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 16:05:47 -0400 From: Jeutonne Brewer Subject: Re: Request for help on divergency Connie Eble's book is surely the most recent source of information: Slang and Sociability: In-Group Language among Colege Students. Chapel Hill: U of NC Press, 1996. According to the information from the press, Connie's book refutes the notion of slang as a "lesser form of she reveals the sources, poetry, symbolism, and subtlety of informal slang expresses....Slang is dynamic vocabulary that cannot be dismissed as deviant or marginal." Jeutonne Brewer ************************************************** * jpbrewer[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] * * Jeutonne P. Brewer * * Department of English * * University of North Carolina at Greensboro * * Greensboro, NC 27412 * **************************************************