Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 13:51:52 -0400 From: Allan Metcalf Subject: Request for help on divergency The following request came my way. If you can help this person, please do! You'll need to use the individual's address, since the person isn't on our list, but if your reply is of general interest, you might also want to post it on ADS-L. Thanks - Allan Metcalf ------------------------------- From: LManuel103[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Subj: divergency in writing and communication Dear Prof. Allan, I am a doctoral student at Nova Southeastern University at Ft. Lauderdale and also an elementary school teacher. What sources can you lead me to that say that slang and divergent writing styles among elementary school children is a good thing? How do you feel. Any brief comments would be appreciated. Thanks. P.S. You can also contact me at losadam[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]