Date: Fri, 28 Apr 1995 14:39:47 -0500 From: "Bethany Dumas, UTK" Subject: Electronic Newsletter for Language and Law MEMORANDUM ON LANGUAGE AND LAW TO: Researchers on Language in the Judicial Process FROM: Bethany K. Dumas RE: New Electronic Newsletter: Language in the Judicial Process DATE: April 28, 1995 This is the first call for bibliographic items to be included in a new electronic newsletter on Language and Law, LANGUAGE IN THE JUDICIAL PROCESS. The Newsletter will be maintained on a World Wide Web homepage. The first issues will list current bibliography, cite relevant legal cases, etc. One goal of the Newsletter is to continue the fine tradition begin by Judith N. Levi, whose bibliographical work on language and law over several years culminated in the publication of her 1994 book, Language and Law. For the title of the newsletter, I am indebted to Judith and also to Anne Graffam Walker; their pioneering work in proposing both the 1985 Georgetown University conference, "Language in the Judicial Process," and its 1990 proceedings volume, constituted a substantial contribution to the developing field of forensic linguistics. I use the name "Language in the Judicial Process" with their permission. If you have authored or know about items you want included, please send me complete bibliographic citations (including full first names, please). The preferred style is that of the LSA Style Sheet. The deadline for receipt of items for the first issue is Monday, May 15. Items may be submitted by e-mail. by fax, or by post: E-mail to dumasb[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] FAX TO Bethany K. Dumas Department of English (615) 974-6926 Post to Bethany K. Dumas Department of English The University of Tennessee Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-0430 USA Later, I hope the expand to Newsletter to include abstracts and summaries. If you have abstracts or summaries of items to submit, please send them--now or later. In addition, I solicit offprints or other copies of manuscript or published items to be maintained in a permanent file in my office at The University of Tennessee. REFERENCES Levi, Judith N., and Anne Graffam Walker, eds. 1990. Language in the judicial process. New York and London: Plenum Press. Levi, Judith N. 1994 Language and Law. 1994. Chicago, IL: American Bar Association.