Date: Wed, 19 Apr 1995 15:34:51 EDT From: Larry Horn Subject: On sweet patooties, Peter McGraw writes: >Larry, >Are you sure you remember this right? I remember only "You bet your >sweet bippie" on Laugh-In, whereas I think I remember hearing a song once >long ago (pre-Laugh-In) called "Sweet Patootie Pie," which clearly >referred to the dessert sweet potato pie. ______________ No, as I mentioned I'm not at all sure, and Peter is no doubt right that I'm guilty of blending "You bet your sweet bippy" from Laugh-In with 'patootie', but I'm quite sure I remember "You bet your sweet patootie" from SOMEwhere. Can anyone else rack their brains? DARE's 'P' volume isn't out yet, so I can't be called on the carpet for not checking there first. Larry McMinnville, OR On Wed, 19 Apr 1995, Larry Horn wrote: > I've never heard 'patoot', but I'm quite familiar with its diminutive, which is > usually found in the context of "You bet your sweet patootie." (I somehow > associate this with the late 60's TV show Laugh-In.) I always assumed the > patootie is, in fact, the human hindquarters, but I'm unsure on the derivation. > It does not seem likely to be an ablaut variant of '[sweet] potato'. > > Larry >