Date: Sat, 15 Apr 1995 01:42:59 -0700 From: Anton Sherwood Subject: need of gerunds > Now I'm doubting my own recollections. Several have written that "X needs > a washing" is grammatical in their dialects. Is "X needs washing" grammatical > in the dialects of anybody? I'm not alone out here, am I? Yo. (Illinois/California, parents Indiana.) = = Donald Lance cites > Ozark Airlines (taken over by TWA) = Krazo Airlines Where was it so called? I never heard that in my hometown (served by Slozark at CMI Willard). jmiller adds: > Then, of course, came the purely fictional airlines of standup comics, towit: > Bob Newhart - The Grace L. Ferguson Airlines and Storm Door Co. > Lenny Bruce - Non-Skeddo Airlines > Probably others? the Verrifast company of Luigi & Dino Vercotti = = ObFood: Wayne Glowka wrote: > . . . . The coconut is cracked by > heating it in the oven. What would the microwave do to it? Well, it might cause the liquid to boil -- which is what makes popcorn. Dad used to take a coconut out to the patio and fling it against a cinderblock wall. He called this "the hallowed time-tested method." He being a physicist, I'm surprised he never hit on the oven technique. = = > On the euphemistic frontal stressing of the planet, though, the > alternative--replacing "Your Anus" with "Urinous"--doesn't completely > solve the problem. Across the pond it probably does -- you know how they pronounce "urinal"? *\\* Anton Ubi scriptum?