Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 19:12:42 -0400 From: AAllan[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]AOL.COM Subject: A moment's window of opportunity: ADS at MLA If you would like to be on the program of the Annual Meeting of the Modern Language Association in Chicago this December; indeed, if you would like to organize an entire program (1 hour 15 min); if it has something to do with the fields of interest of the American Dialect Society (=American English, language variation); if you are a dues-paid current member of MLA; and if you can move very fast - let me know by midnite Thursday, April 6. There's room in the MLA program for one session sponsored by ADS. In past years, we've always had some members who wanted to be in that session; this year, nary a one. And it's true that our independent sessions are much more congenial. But this is our opportunity to enlighten and delight the MLA mob! And a place on the MLA program isn't easy to get. If nobody's interested, so be it. MLA will be happy to reclaim the space. But if you have something lurking in the back of your mind - let me know now. Think about it - quickly! Allan Metcalf, ADS executive secretary