Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 13:43:00 PDT From: Rose Wilcox Subject: FW: Cigarette brands. Help, please! >I chose to make a list of >cigarette brands, American or imported, that can be purchased in the USA= >including in the list information about the social, ethnic, age-related,= >sex-related, class-related or any other connotations or meanings that >American people connect with these brands. >For this I ask your help. What brands are there? Are there brands that= >carry special meanings, and which brands could be seen as "neutral" - >suitable for any smoker? You don't mention More on your list. I used to smoke More. I found that very few people smoked them, especially Menthols, so I didn't have to share them very often. In fact, most people, even the ones who most commonly "bummed" all of there cigarettes, would turn them down when offered. They are long cigarettes with dark brown paper. I learned to smoke them when I was 17 which was 20 years ago, from my then-current boyfriend who was black, and I was white. Other than that I don't know if there are any connotations of class, etc. I saw an identical cigarette in France; it was named "Time" rather than "More". >Prince Marlboro