Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 11:42:23 EDT From: Larry Horn Subject: Re: Cigarette brands. Help, please! Jerry NMN Miller writes (inter alia): I would definitely stay away from any brand called "Death" (on your list) just on general principle, just as I would not fly on Just Short of the Runway Airlines! __________________ jmiller I was wondering about Death brand cigs too; perhaps the tobacco companies are taking a new tack on pre-empting false advertising lawsuits. But I like that airlines company as well. It reminds me of the routine Monty Python used to have (or some other group--does anyone recall it?) that played off the old "With a name like Smuckers it HAS to be good", creating e.g. Vomit brand canned ham or Dead Cat brand aerosol (those weren't the original examples, but should give you the idea): "With a name like ____, it has to be absolutely fanTAStic!" Larry