Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 11:21:40 +0300 From: Matti Pitk{l{ Subject: Cigarette brands. Help, please! Dear ADS-L subscribers: I am a student in the department of translatology in the University of Tampere, Finland. I am currrently preparing a "reference-list" of cigarette brands sold in the USA as my term paper for a course called "Power, Pride & Politics - American English 2". For the course all students must prepare a list of terms, names, vocabulary (...) in some spesific area (...) of American English. I chose to make a list of cigarette brands, American or imported, that can be purchased in the USA= , including in the list information about the social, ethnic, age-related,= sex-related, class-related or any other connotations or meanings that American people connect with these brands. For this I ask your help. What brands are there? Are there brands that= carry special meanings, and which brands could be seen as "neutral" - suitable for any smoker? Here is a list of some brands that I have found in American newspaper and magazine advertisements, some of them are American, some British (GB= ), some international or of unknown origin (?): Prince Marlboro Dunhill (GB) Rothmans (GB) Basic Montclair Kool Camel Chesterfield Pall Mall Winston Salem Lucky Strike Philip Morris John Player Special (GB) Kent Benson & Hedges (GB) Newport Silk Cut (?) Barclay (?) Boston (?) Colt (?) Cartier (?) L&M (?) Death (?) Peter Stuyvesant (?) YSL, Yves Saint-Laurent (?) Gitanes (French) Gauloises (French) -- Mr. Matti Pitkala * ...a lugly whizzling tournedos, the Boraborayel= lers, mp54978[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] * blohablasting tegolhuts up to tetties and ru= ching * sleets of the coppeehouses, playing ragnowro= ck... * - James Joyce: Finnegans Wake