End of ADS-L Digest - 2 Apr 1995 to 3 Apr 1995 ********************************************** There are 25 messages totalling 617 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. definition/variation request: Anglepoise lamps (3) 2. the car needs washed 3. need + past participle (2) 4. Gesundheit! (2) 5. prepositions/phrasal verbs 6. need + participle (3) 7. Positive Anymore 8. Ambrosia! 9. names to nouns (5) 10. Tom Murray's example "this needs washed" (2) 11. Re[2]: Tom Murray's example "this needs washed" 12. The Elusive New England Thick Shake 13. ambrosia 14. creme soda ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 3 Apr 1995 22:13:39 +0300 From: Stewart Mason Subject: definition/variation request: Anglepoise lamps I have been fielding questions for the last few days about the quote in my .sig file. It's from the song "I Want To Be An Anglepoise Lamp" by the Soft Boys, a British pop band of the late 1970s. The question from everyone is "What *is* an anglepoise lamp?" I've been asked so many times that I had to put a disclaimer in my file. The one theory so far came from a friend of mine in Boston who suggested that it may be one of those tall, skinny directional reading lights you often seebehind easy chairs and such. In my experience, those are simply called reading lamps. Do any of you have any suggestions or know where I may find out for sure? I apologize for the non-food-related content of this message. Stewart ==================================== "Us, we wanna be some Anglepoise lamps, then . . ." --The Soft Boys ==================================== Stewart Allensworth Mason PO Box 4056 Portales NM 88130 I don't know what an Anglepoise lamp is either.