Date: Sat, 1 Apr 1995 10:51:20 -0800 From: THOMAS CLARK Subject: Re: Ambrosia? ROTFL, Tim. Sorry you are in kiwiland right now. A TV commercial here celebrates 7-11 stores with a comic who strolls out the front door with all sorts of junk food in her hands, looks at the camera and says, "Perrier and pork rinds. Is this heaven, or whut!" Cheers, tlc On Sat, 1 Apr 1995, Tim Behrend wrote: > I'm beginning to wonder about Wayne Glowka and his ongoing diatribe > against American basse cuisine. He has in recent days attacked: > > meat in general (I forget the details now, but the discussion > of some flesh product was making him sick) > s'mores in all their gooey varieties > jello salads and ambrosia (sans jello -- only FROZEN coolwhip > in my family, plus sliced bananas and apples, chopped > walnuts and maraschino cherries, heaps of shredded > coconut, and a fortifying splash of almond extract) > > What will be next? Chocolate chip sprinkled pigs-in-a-blanket? Dump > cakes? Peanut butter and bologna sandwiches? Pork crackle? Fish > sticks? Goosewhiz lunchtime spread? American cheese? Polish Boys? > French hamburgers? Boston coolers? Ice-cold shandies? A six-pack of > those "full-flavored" Buds? At what point does culinary patriotism > kick in? What American foods *do* you eat, Wayne Glowka? > > Tim Behrend > University of Auckland >