Date: Fri, 15 Apr 1994 08:52:17 -0700 From: "Gerald W. Walton" Subject: Re: I guess weren't not in Kansas anymore, Todo At 11:47 PM 4/14/94 EDT, David Bergdahl wrote: >... asked the bartender if I could have two >straws as the waitress had forgotten ours. He said he couldn't, but he'd remind >her. Puzzled, I returned to my seat, only to find her appear a few minutes >later with two STROHs [a Detroit beer]. Reminds me of a blind person who spoke recently about a restaurant experience she had. The manager gave her, and her friends, a very hard time about her desire to have her seeing-eye dog enter the restaurant. He kept asking why it was necessary for her to have the dog with her in the restaurants, and she and her friends kept insisting that he could not deny entrance to the dog. Finally he gave in. The dog was very well behaved, and as the people started to leave the manager complimented everybody on the behavior of the dog but once again asked why it was really necessary that it be allowed in the restaurant. By this time the blind person had started to leave, and the manager realized his big mistake. He said, "Oh, I am very sorry. I thought you said 'senile dog.'"