Date: Thu, 14 Apr 1994 20:50:55 -0700 From: "Gerald W. Walton" Subject: Re: ink pen At 08:38 PM 4/13/94 CDT, Donald M. Lance wrote: >... She distinctly said [pEn] and when I asked for a show of hands the class was >evenly divided on which vowel was spoken. >The E-speaker was visibly surprised and a little shocked to discover that >her colleagues really couldn't hear a distinction that was so clear. I have had similar experiences. And I think I might have mentioned on this list once before the case of Southern student at U. of Minnesota. Following a class discussion of pen/pin pronunciations, she agreed to go to a department store and and ask the salesperson where one might find pens/pins. The clerk listened carefully and then responded, "The pans are in the basement." GWW