Date: Wed, 13 Apr 1994 14:03:43 EDT From: Bruce Southard Subject: Re: ink pen As one who also doesn't make the pen/pin distinction, I would like to second Donald Lance's suggestion about looking to commercial language use for the "ink pen" distinction. I believe that "fountain pen" was in use prior to the coming of the "ballpoint pen," but even so, "ink pen" may have arisen to distinguish between the two types of pens. I also vaguely remember being exposed to the term "ball pen" in the Philippines during the late '60's--that term struck me as a useful alternative to what I had come to know as the "ballpoint." Do others use "ball pen" and "ink pen" to distinguish between the "ballpoint pen" and the "fountain pen"? And what do you call all of these new gadgets which have ink but do not have the traditional "ballpoint"? BRUCE SOUTHARD ENGLISH DEPARTMENT EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY ENSOUTHA[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]ECUVM1 ENSOUTHA[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]ECUVM.CIS.ECU.EDU 919-757-6041 919-757-4889 (FAX)