Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 10:47:36 +1000
From: Ross Chambers
Subject: Chaises Longues and US catch phrases abroad

>From the Sydney Morning Herald April 2, 1998:

"A chaise longue by any other name...

"The chaise longue is a symbol of elegant repose, lending grace and =

charm to drawing rooms and bedrooms through the years. Many women, both =

famous and unknown, have been painted reclining on a chaise longue.

"Strictly speaking, a chaise longue is a kind of elongated seat or =

couch, which usually has only one end and no back. It means 'long =


"But time has blurred the rules. Some sofas and settees are referred to =

as chaises longues." etc.

How nice it is to live in a country which still speaks English ! :-)


"cool beans" heard in New Zealand in 1997, spoken by visiting San =

Franciscan, who was also given to "Go, Bears!" (I assume a football team =

rallying cry?) and calling his work comrades "Mr Potato-head"--none of =

the above stuck to the local vocabulary, and neither was he to be =

persuaded, during a 5 month residency, that the 'Z' in 'NZ' was =

pronounced 'zed', not 'zee' --altogether an unsuccessful cultural =


Kind regards - Ross Chambers

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