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Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 21:30:26 -0800
From: Devon Coles
Subject: Re: freshman composition--again

Further to Peter Richardson's comments:

As it was in the beginning, is now, and likely ever shall be, I am a
student. I happen to write (mostly) A papers, and cringe when I see courses
that evaluate solely by quizzes and exams. Generally, I avoid them like the
I believe the reason many students don't write excellent papers is that they
have never been taught an essential aspect of the process.
I see an essay as my turn in the conversation. I have been granted the
floor. Along with the privilege of speaking, I am charged with the
responsibility of not wasting everyone else's time. I am expected to speak
on topic, and not simply repeat what the previous speaker has already
addressed. If I disagree with what has been said I am expected, first, to
demonstrate that I understand clearly what has been said, secondly, not to
misrepresent the previous speaker's ideas, and thirdly, to make clear my
reasons for taking exception. I am expected to speak in a register
appropriate to the conversation and to contribute something worthy of
mention. Sadly, I am yet to hear any MA teaching assistant, doctoral
candidate, PhD or tenured professor address this essay writing in these
terms. Pity.

Devon Coles
dcoles[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]horizon.bc.ca