Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 13:04:23 -0700
From: "A. Vine"
Subject: Re: more on non-negative "un"

Larry Horn wrote:
> So much for thawing and freezing. Now what of the missing
> "unmelt"? If melting is akin to thawing, the transmutation from a solid
> (or frozen) to a liquid (or unfrozen) state, why don't we have redundant
> "unmelt" alongside "unthaw"? The answer is that melting is in fact
> crucially unlike thawing: while a thawed object, say a turkey, is a
> temporarily frozen theme or patient which returns to its unmarked state,
> retaining its physical integrity, the integrity of a melted theme or
> patient may be affected or even destroyed by the change of state. A thawed
> turkey is still a turkey (indeed, a turkey par excellence), a thawed lake
> still a lake, but a melted ice cube, snowman, or wicked witch is not simply
> a different form of the same object, but essentially a puddle of one kind
> or another. Notice too that where things freeze up and thaw out, they melt
> away. If I come to your door complaining that I'm frozen stiff, my
> reaction might differ considerably depending on whether you offered me a
> brandy to help me thaw out or a potion to help me melt away.

I wouldn't completely discount "melt down".

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