Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 13:22:27 -0400
From: Elizabeth Gibbens
Subject: Raunchy

Dear All--

Although the _RH Webster's College Dictionary_ (1995) and the _American
Heritage Dictionary_ (unabridged version, 1992) say that the word "raunchy"
is of uncertain origin, there is agreement on the time at which the word
became popular, and there is one argument about its etymology.

Both Flexner-Wentworth (1975) and Robert Chapman (1986) say that
became a popular word during World War II (both cite the same article in
_Forum_ by R.G. Hubler). Chapman says that the word probably derives from
the Italian _rancio_, meaning "rancid, stale, rank."

Does anyone have a fresh or a different take? If so, I'd appreciate
hearing it (or, to be more accurate, viewing it). Thank you.

Elizabeth Gibbens