Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 11:50:56 EDT
From: AAllan
Subject: Humanities on the Hill (Washington DC May 6-7)

If you'd like to present the case for the humanities to members of Congress,
there's an opportunity Wednesday and Thursday, May 6-7.

It's the annual "Humanities on the Hill," an "event in which humanities
community members gather in Washington to raise the profile of the National
Endowment for the Humanities - and the humanities in general - before
Congress," says our Washington affiliate the National Humanities Alliance.

It begins with a briefing 3-5 pm Wednesday, then a reception for Sidney Yates
6-7:30 pm Wednesday; an event for members of Congress 8:30-10 am Thursday, and
individual visits Thursday afternoon.

ADS does not have a budget to support our participation in this event. But if
you're interested and might be able to figure out how to get there, please let
me know.

- Allan Metcalf