Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 14:30:23 -0500
From: Gerald Cohen
Subject: Re: "flat" and "flat out"

Peter Richardson and Larry Horn treated adverbial "flat" and "flat out"
in messages today (April 9), e.g. "...a lotta people who are gonna flat
need prayer." I have a bibliographical reference on this topic:

Gerald Cohen, 1988. "_Flat_, _flat out_ 'simply'", in: _Etymology and
Linguistic Principles_, vol. 1 (_Pursuit of Linguistic Insight_), edited
and published by Gerald Leonard Cohen, University of Missouri-Rolla,

Here now are a few more examples I have collected for adverbial "flat":

1) "They flat hate each other." -- (TV football announcer in reference to
two teams)

2) "As A Youth Cesar Cedeno Could Flat Play" --(_St. Louis Post-Dispatch_ ,
Sept. 1, 1985, Sec. D, p.1/1).

3) "They were just flat left alone." -- (in reference to a university
department that would receive no faculty cuts)

--Gerald Cohen