Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 14:15:10 -0400
From: Gregory {Greg} Downing
Subject: Re: more on non-negative "un"

At 10:17 AM 4/9/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Last night on CNN, a Hollywood reporter twice (within a few seconds)
>referred to singer George Michael as having been caught in an
>"uncompromising" position (or situation--don't remember which) when the LA
>cops arrested him in a park restroom yesterday.

So, a general question: How does one draw the boundary between (so to speak)
"common performative error" and "empirically observed, descriptivistically
existent linguistic mode"? It would seem paradoxical to say that "common
performative error" is a null set....

Pardon the philosophical issue....

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