Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 09:23:52 EDT
From: AAllan
Subject: Freshman composition - again

Andrea writes :

>>The writing training I received in high school and college never really gave
me anything
concrete to work with. . . . The grading of these papers may have provided
some instruction, but it was
haphazard. To make a programming analogy, it would be like writing a program
based on an
incomplete specification, then having the user test it and tell you piece by
piece what
was wrong. . . .

Maybe it would be useful to some students to learn how to write outside the
context of
literary criticism.<<

I agree with her view of the usual kind of writing instruction.
I and my department do something different. It's procedural, explicit, and
generally applicable. You'll find it in (ahem):
_Essentials of Writing to the Point_ by Allan A. Metcalf. Harcourt Brace 1995.
ISBN 0-15-501709-8.

- Allan Metcalf