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Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 21:33:43 +1000
From: Ross Chambers
Subject: Virtual Graffito

Australia is currently involved in its most extensive industrial turmoil
for many years, precipitated by the dismissal of union stevedores and
their replacement by non-union labour. The employer involved is headed
by one Chris Corrigan.

The union and the government's Dept of Industrial Relations are using
the internet for dissemination of information.

However the graffito seen at a Sydney picket line sight reading;

"Corrigan's Website http://www.scab" is unlikely to be available on any

Solidarity!- Ross Chambers



Ross Chambers Sydney Australia
maelduin[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]ozemail.com.au

"L'Australia non e solo agli antipodi, e lontana da tutto,
talora anche da sa stessa."

(Australia is not only at the Antipodes, she is away from everything,
sometimes even from herself)

Umberto Eco