Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 12:19:18 -0400
From: Larry Horn
Subject: Re: Pomo

At 6:06 AM -0400 4/22/98, Bapopik wrote:
> Where am I? New York City? Must be!
> I was invited to the 10th anniversary party for New York Press this
>Friday. This "Best of the Mail" is in New York Press, 10th anniversary issue,
>April 22-28, 1998, page 32, col. 2-3:
>Postmodern, to You
>AFTER READING JOHN STRAUSBAUGH'S cover story, "World World" (7/15), I am more
>confused than ever about semiotics, Marshall Blonsky and Strausbaugh. It is
>written over the head of an average reader like myself with technobabble and
> For example, what is pomo? I cannot find this word in any of the
>standard dictionaries I consulted. The article uses the word on page 13,
>column two, and elsewhere. Even the context does not explain it: "movies, tv,
>magazine ads, pomo art, et al." What is it--a bird, a plane, an esophagus
>(remember Mark Twain's use of esophagus?)? Can Blonsky give us an explanation
>in understandable plain English? And why can't Strausbaugh favor his reader
>with a definition, or is he, too, trying to perplex his readers?
> I am on the staff of the Oxford English Dictionary. Unless he can
>explain it, it will never be an English word. A nonce word, yes, and even
>gibberish, but not English.
> DAVID SHULMAN, Manhattan
> Aug. 12, 1992

I take it Mr. Shulman hasn't caught any performances of the Pomo Afro
Homos. (If he read the Times as well as New York Press, he wouldn't have
needed to ask.) ANd I must say, he doesn't SOUND like someone on the staff
of the OED. ("I've never heard it, so it must be gibberish" indeed.)