Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 11:38:56 EDT
From: Bapopik
Subject: "Died at home" (suicide euphemism)

This is from the International Herald Tribune, 6 April 1998, pg. 1, cols.

Wave of Teenage Suicides Stuns a Town
American Community Without Violence Grapples to Find Root Causes
By Pam Belluck
New York Times Service
(...) In the last three years, Pierre--the capital of South Dakota, though a
city of only 13,000 people--has been wrenched by a series of suicides, most of
them young people. Eleven people from 13 to 23, including eight teenagers,
have killed themselves.
The suicides have begun to haunt Pierre (pronounced PEER), which sits
beside the Missouri River and has one high school, one hospital and one
shopping mall. In the center of this state in the heart of the Great Plains,
Pierre is such a safe place that the police captain rarely locks his house,
and he cannot remember the last time someone so much as stole a car.
(pg. 11, col. 5 continuation) Still, for a long time, Pierre has been torn
over how to handle the suicides. Newspaper obituaries of the suicides used
the euphemism "died at home."

Why "died at home"? Has this been used before?