Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 06:19:54 EDT
From: Bapopik
Subject: Talent agent lingo

The Sunday New York Times (April 26, 1998) City Section did a long piece
on the city's young talent agents. This is from page 10, col 2:

_Words of Mouth_

Talent agents have their own jargon, which can be heard at favorite lunch
spots, like Redeye Grill and Trattoria Dell'Arte, both on Seventh Avenue.
Some buzzwords:

_Breakdown_ Summary of theater, film or television project details, like
starting dates and character descriptions, given to agents and casting
directors. Also, occasional reaction by actors or agents to rejection.

_Generals_ First meetings between actors and casting directors, arranged by
agents. "I'm sending you out on a bunch of generals."

_Heat_ Positive word on a script: "That play is generating a lot of heat at

_Log line_ One-sentence plot summary for quick consumption by agents and
studio executives. For example: "'Moby Dick': Man chases feisty whale while
crew gets all wet."

_Ten percenteries_ Talent agencies. Term derived from the standard 10
percent agencies take on a deal.

_Trailer_ Multi-wheel vehicle where actors hang out between shots. _Star
trailer_ One-person unit with amenities like full bed and bath and kitchen.
_Double banger_ Two-person trailer with fewer amenities. _Honey wagon_
Trailer for four.

PERSONAL: I might be lecturing on "New York's Finest" at the American Name
Society's Names Institute at Baruch College this weekend. It's basically the
same stuff as in my December 1996 posting here, but I found some earlier
"Finest" citations. I sent a $30 check in for the lunch and it was cashed,
but I otherwise got no reply about the thing. Who knows?