Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 12:25:49 -0400
From: Fred Shapiro
Subject: Re: United Nations (an Americanism!)

Here is a more precise citation for the use of _United Nations_ in a 1918
book. Note also that the 1918 book even uses the abbreviation _U.N._!

United Nations (OED 1942)

1918 Raleigh C. Minor _A Republic of Natons_ 27 For the sake of
convenience of discussion, arbitrary terms have been used in designating
the union [a federal league of nations proposed by Minor], the compact,
and the officials supposed to act under it. Thus the union is spoken of
as "The United Nations."

U.N. (OED 1946)

1918 Raleigh C. Minor _A Republic of Nations_ 257 U. N. Constitution.

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