Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 13:31:24 -0400
From: Fred Shapiro
Subject: Re: Hello (1848!?)

Here are some more early citations for _hello_. The first of these
supports Barry Popik's linking of the word with Bowery slang.

1849 George G. Foster _New York in Slices ... being the original slices
published in the N.Y. Tribune_ 120 THE BOWERY. ... "Hello, Bill Swipes!
You up in the second tier!

1852 _Southern Quarterly Review_ V. 332 Miss Caroline or Martha, being
indisputably ... corporeally weaker than Sambo, would be thrust into the
mud. "Hello da! Miss Caroline git two teet knock out, and Miss Marta hab
a black eye and bloody nose!"

1853 _Southern Literary Messenger_ XIX. 218 Hello, Dick, ain't they
nearly all opened?

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