Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 16:29:25 +1000
From: Ross Chambers
Subject: Hello! Hello!

The dramatised Alexander Grahame Bell, in a biographical TV film used
his preferred, but short-lived "Ahoy!" as an initial greeting on the
newly invented telephone.

I was dialogue editor (a technical function) on this 2 part series
coproduced by a Canadian and a New Zealand company. The American
director/writer lived in fear of the Smithsonian finding factual fault,
and asserted the authenticity of this attempted coining.

Kind regards - Ross Chambers.


Ross Chambers Sydney Australia

"L'Australia non e solo agli antipodi, e lontana da tutto,
talora anche da sa stessa."

(Australia is not only at the Antipodes, she is away from everything,
sometimes even from herself)

Umberto Eco