Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 20:31:49 -0500
Subject: Re: plea for advice

I have a book suggestion. I use this book in a Freshman seminar ESL class
on critical thinking. However most of my students will be going into
Freshman English after my course. I somewhat modify the book for them
because it is written with natice speakers in mind.
The name of the text is Encountering Cultures : Reading and writing ina
Changing World, Second Edition by Richard Holeton. It is a Pretince Hall
Title. The book, per back cover, is a composition reader that explores
issues of language and culture, domestic cultural diversity, and global
cultural diversity with a range of authors and viewpoints.

I like the book because it is broken down into sections like Langugae and
Gender and has essays by such people as Deborah Tannen, Amy Tan,Sandra
Cisneros,James Baldwin,Noam Chomsky,Alice Walker, Valeriae Matsumoto and
many more. There is even a section on Sexual Orientation and Diversity.
Take a peek at it I think it's very up to date and I'm in the process of
referring this book to a Professor on our campus because we are
experimenting with a Freshman Writing Class and Language and Behavior,
linguistic course that work hand in hand;in other words the two professors
will coordinate their curriculums to reinforce concepts and assignments.

Ditra B. Henry
Northeastern Illinois University
Chicago, IL