Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 14:49:03 +0000
Subject: Re: Variation in "try"-complements?

Thus far, it seems as if there is quite a bit of variation on
people's interpretations of 'try', 'remember', and 'forget' with the
two complement types. One reason I raised the issue was that
textbooks, specifically ESL textbooks like Azar's [a staple in many
ESL grammar courses] present a nice, neat system with four verb
categories and clear rules for interpreting meaning changes in
category 4 (to which those verbs "belong"). Now, the last thing that
would surprise me is that a pedagogical grammar covers up some
variation; however, in many other cases, there's some hazily defined
but *recognized*"standard" that the ignored variations are variations
*to* (e.g. most prescriptive grammars don't address the "fixing to"
construction, but I think most authors of them are aware of it and
consciously regard it as a regional item). I'm left wondering to what
extent variation with these complements has reached "pedagogical
awareness", and whether textbook authors are, on this issue,
*unconsciously* creating a standard rather than consciously
attempting to manifest a standard they believe exists.
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Bill Spruiell
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