Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 22:00:27 -0400
Subject: Mission & Goals

Recently, I have been reading some of the new material Donald Lance has
included in an expanded 12th edition of Kenyon's American Speech (which
should be soon available from the George Wahr Publishing Company in Ann
Arbor Michigan). In addition to a brilliant "Spectrographic Analysis of
English Phonemes and Allophones" supplement, Lance's chapter on
"Variation in American English" is the sine que non discussion of the
history of ADS' efforts to accomplish its two goals, as presented in
1889: a dialect dictionary of North America and a complete
linguistic atlas of the United States and Canada.

With DARE, we will see the achievement of the first goal.

As we enter our second century of existence as a learned society, I would
invite members and others to contribute their thoughts concerning the
viability of accomplishing the second goal. What resources should be
directed toward the completion of what was started in 1928?

Further, what should ADS present as its goals for its next century?

Virtually, Terry
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