Date: Tue, 8 Apr 1997 18:00:25 -0400
Subject: Re: Intrusive L (was Re: ADS-L Digest)

A further note on intrusive 'l': I have a graduate student from Athens
County who not only said 'draw(l)ing' as a child but also said/says
'grandmawl'--and wrote it that way (or 'grammal' perhaps, since
southern Ohio has open O)* until his teacher corrected it. But he
agreed with me that it is a dark l--at least word-finally, if not
medially (and I'll withhold comment on that one yet). It seems to be
the very same 'l' that is vocalized in Philadelphia and Baltimore (I
recall not understanding my mother-in-law from Balto when she
pronounced 'ball' and 'oil'--the latter was 'aw(l)' with no [l].

*This sound in Southern Ohio is not really open O but is midway between
[a] and [O], close to the British low back vowel (upside down or
backward [a]?). The spelling of 'mamaw' and 'papaw' reflects the same
low back /a/.
Beverly Flanigan