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1. SLANG FOR A SATURDAY: Hale-Bopponics 101
2. Rule of Thumb
3. "Color Line" (part three--1874-75 Jackson, MS newspaper)


Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997 00:21:15 -0500
From: "Barry A. Popik" Bapopik[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]AOL.COM
Subject: SLANG FOR A SATURDAY: Hale-Bopponics 101

This is from the Sunday, April 6th New York Post, page 39.
What? How could I have tomorrow's New York Post on "Slang for a
Well, I was setting my clock ahead, and then I was walking over the
international date line....

Out of the blue and into the Reel Time dictionary
By Lucinda Rosenfeld

LEVEL ABOVE HUMAN adj. phrase; awesome; stupendous; beyond wordly
expectations. Example: new Cheech and Chong movie wasn't just great, it was
a level above human." See also Next Level.

BORROWED HUMAN CONTAINER n. phrase; the human body or form. Example: "Cindy
Crawford has one of the best borrowed human containers around."

DISCONNECT v.; to leave one physical or mental state for another. Example:
"At what time are you disconnecting from work for the Hamptons?"

LUCIFERIAN n.; a jerk, especially one that seeks control over others'
destinies. Example: "My boyfriend is being a total Luciferian about the
house share; he won't even let my sister come out!"

EARTHLY TASK n. phrase; a job or professional capacity. Example: "My boss is
such a witch I'm thinking of looking for a new earthly task."

E.T.P.I. n. phrase; short for an "extra terrestrial presently incarnate."
Someone who seems mentally tuned out; a space cadet. Example: "I'm such an
E.T.P.I. I left my keys in the car for the second day in a row!"

THE TWO n. phrase; a couple who buttresses one another's anti-social
behavior; two friends who bring out the worst in each other. Example: "Jeff
and Jennifer are like The Two when it comes to heroin."

BO AND PEEP n. phrase; any romantic coupling which shows signs of being
short-lived. Example: "As far as I can tell, Jim and Sally are just a Bo and
Peep. I don't even think they like each other." See Do and Ti.

OLDER MEMBER n. phrase; someone who passes judgment. Example: "I wasn't
looking for an Older Member, thank you. I just want a sympathetic ear!"

EAT THE APPLE SAUCE v. phrase; to take one's own life. Example: "Danny was
manic-depressive, but he knew that he could never go so far as eating the

KINGDOM OF GOD n. phrase; home; any place one is in the habit of returning
to. Example: "You know how Mom is. She'll flip if I don't spend the holiday
at the Kingdom of God!"

PUT ON THE BLACK SNEAKERS n. phrase; to prepare for a long rest. Example:
"I'm thinking of going home and putting on the black sneakers; I hardly slept
last night."

HIDE BEHIND THE COMET n. phrase; to deceive one's self. Example: "Al was
really hiding behind the comet when it came to his wife's infidelity."

Two entries say "See also Next Level" (LEVEL ABOVE HUMAN) and "See Do and