Date: Mon, 29 Apr 1996 08:49:00 -0400

From: "Margaret G. Lee -English" mlee[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CS.HAMPTONU.EDU

Subject: Re: 411 new usage

"What's the 411?" was a song released in 1992 by R&B singer Mary J. Blige

and rap artist Grand Puba. In it, in response to his showing interest in

her, she asks him why she should choose him over any other eligible love

interests, in other words, "What's the 411?" -- "What do you have that they

don't have?"

Margaret Lee

Hampton University


On Sun, 28 Apr 1996, M. Lynne Murphy wrote:

Here's the 411.

Was used in a recent college democrats of america posting for

here's the information.

this is at least a few years old. i think it may have been used in

rap songs--can't remember where i know it from. (i think "what's the

411?" is what i've heard--as a greeting.)

works much better than "here's the 555-1212."