Date: Fri, 26 Apr 1996 21:50:53 -0400

From: Bryan Gick bryan.gick[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]YALE.EDU

Subject: Intrusive [l]

Dear Paul et al.-

My apologies for the 100-plus-line reply (I guarantee that by the end

of it you won't have unwittingly purchased a single magazine), but it seems

there's been lots of interest in this in the last couple days, and since

Beth has suggested I'm the one to ask, I figure I'll try to share what

knowledge I've managed to gather on the subject.

I've been investigating the "intrusive [l]" (I am mostly interested in

those cases where epenthesis is arguably syllabically motivated..e.g. "i

saw[l]it," "He's draw[l]ing a picture..") for about...oh, 6 or 7

years now. It's got some very interesting and surprisingly far-reaching

implications as an example of a heretofore all-but-unknown hiatus

consonant in English (not least significant of which is to call into

question any non-phonologically motivated accounts of intrusive [r]).

I'd be very interested in knowing whether there are any materials out

there that have escaped my view (make that, _how much_ of what's out there

has escaped my view).

I've edited down (apologies to the editees) those responses

to Paul's original question that had been posted as of this morning, and

I'll give specific comments where I can.. but to save myself some time, i've

tacked on at the end of this message a version of an abstract (to go out

soon) containing some relevant info, including some of the very few

references that I've found to be of interest.

My work on this at present involves mostly experimental phonology work

(primarily articulatory) on hiatus phenomena and glides and such. I intend

to present the L stuff as soon as possible (possibly at ESCOL, pending

acceptance). Anyone interested in this and similar phenomena can either

contact me personally, look on my web page for updates (I haven't

actually gotten it up and running as yet, but when I do, it'll be at: ) or wait (with crossed fingers) for

the publication.

Here's some of what has been said so far: