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The linguist part of me really hates my prescriptive attitude toward the

term "listserv," but I can't help it. The other part of me wants to

scream every time I see this kind of usage of it: "YOU MEAN *LIST*, NOT

LISTSERV!" I guess one reason I hate the use of "listserv" to mean "list"

so much is from my point of view as listowner of several lists. If people

think that "listserv" means "list," instructions like "send the command

to the listserv" often result in misdirected clutter on lists. I guess

Eric Thomas wants to scream even louder, especially when people are

calling listproc or majordomo lists "listservs." Or maybe, unlike Xerox

and Coca-Cola, he feels flattered instead -- flattered that his program,

now his private company, is being used as a generic word, albeit with a

shift in meaning.

--Natalie (maynor[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]