Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 11:26:39 -0500

From: Natalie Maynor maynor[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]RA.MSSTATE.EDU

Subject: Re: Interesting Free Offer...........

And now I am asked to waste even

more time

figuring out how tosubscribe to the list from my other e-mail account.

No you don't:

Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 10:39:28 -0400

From: "L-Soft list server at UGA (1.8b)" LISTSERV[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]

Subject: Output of your job "maynor"

quiet add ads-l RonButters[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Ron Butters

Ron Butters RonButters[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]AOL.COM has been added to the ADS-L list. No

notification has been sent.

quiet set ads-l nomail for RonButters[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]

ADS-L: subscription options updated for RonButters[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]AOL.COM.

One entry updated. No notification has been sent.

I've also added the menagerie of machines at Vermont. And I'll add any

other address variations anybody wants me to add.

--Natalie (maynor[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]