Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1996 12:45:39 -0400


Subject: Re: Interesting Free Offer...........

I reccommend every member of the list send the spam back to its point of

origin. Even if there's nobody at that address anymore, in this case it

could annoy AOL into doing something about it. I know they have a policy

against commercial use, and I'm sure the guy who sent the spam knows it too.

BTW, it's not just ADS-L; I'm on the Richard Thompson list, and got it

there too. Twice.

the reason why i was in favor of closing the list to outside posters

is because you can't send nasty notes back to the posters of these

damned magazine ads. you spent your time crafting some really

offensive response to these guys, only to have it turn up back in

your own mailbox.

the fact that you have to fax (or something) to take advantage of

their offer indicates that they never had any intention of reading

any e-mail responses.

as natalie said, anyone who wants to post to ads-l from multiple

addresses only needs to subscribe w/ the no-mail option at those

addresses. that individual effort by those who want such

accessibility would be a nice gesture toward the rest of us who are

sick of ads being used as a junk-mail slot. sure, we have delete

buttons, but we also have limits on how much mail our mailboxes can

store and how much time we can spend reading things before we

realize they're not from legitimate ads-lers. it's also a matter of

principle. i want the spammers to know we (ok, i) don't like them.