Date: Tue, 2 Apr 1996 10:46:00 -0600


Subject: Problems with DAT recordings

I recently began making field recordings in DAT format using a Tascam DA-P1

portable recorder. Just last week a colleague of mine who also does

linguistic field work told that he had decided against making digital

recordings because, he claimed, they distort speakers' voices. Although I

hadn't noticed this before, his comment prompted me to compare analog and

digital recordings I'd made of the same speaker. I was surprised and

somewhat disconcerted to find that there was, indeed, a pretty noticeable

difference between the two. I'm not sure just how to describe the

difference, but in a general way I'd say the speaker's voice sounded less

natural on the DAT recording, and somewhat lower than I recall it to have


I'd be interested in knowing if anyone else who has used DAT recordings has

noticed this problem.

Tom Klingler


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