Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 17:31:45 -0500

From: Natalie Maynor maynor[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]RA.MSSTATE.EDU

Subject: SECOL Web Page

SECOL (Southeastern Conference on Linguistics) is now on the Web at I'm hoping that some of you SECOL

members will look at what's there and send me suggestions, additions,

corrections, whatever. The pages are very bare-bones as of now.

Another reason I'm posting this is to ask people to send me calls for

papers. I created a page for calls for papers but have only two in it

so far (which I found a little while ago by grepping around in the

ADS-L archives): ADS/SAMLA (11th hour, I realize -- remind me to

remove it in a few days) and the Hispanic linguistics conference at

Radford University. I've linked the call-for-papers document to the

ADS web pages also.

--Natalie (maynor[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]